Running With Friends

Happy Labor Day! I got to start off this holiday just the way I wanted to, with a run. Actually, after posting it on Facebook, a few friends posted that they wanted to run as well. So we met up at Greenbelt Park at 7am and hit the trail. We got an 8 mile run in, and I was surprised that even though the pace was a little slower than when I run alone, I enjoyed this run more and the time flew by.

There are several reasons that I’m starting to enjoy group runs. I mostly train on my own, whether it’s biking or running or spinning. I usually listen to music or trainers and tune the world out for awhile. But I am starting to appreciate more and more the camaraderie and bonds that you build while running with friends. There is a uniqueness there that is hard to explain, but you know that it’s there and you learn to enjoy having it with you as you run.

Today, I was joined by three friends; Shelli, Stacie, and Kara. We have all ran together at events, and Kara and I have ran together in a group run once before. So after warming up and making a plan, we were off. We laughed about a lot of things, and I noticed I didn’t need my music to get me up the hill or to the finish. We talked about fitness, about life, and how we all enjoy it more since we started working out. We helped each other when it was needed and cheered each other on as we finished. Stacie was even kind enough to almost knock me off the trail when a deer suddenly jumped up and ran away. She will say it was because the deer scared her; I think she was protecting me because I knew the trail and she was lost. 😉

I find that I have an amazing group of friends, and that by the connection of one shared interest, we have formed wonderful friendships. Runners, and people who work out regularly, are generally happier people. They seem more at peace with themselves and with the world. The trail was full of hellos and good mornings as we crossed paths with other runners, walkers, bikers, and even one person who was cross country skiing on rollerblades!

Now that the run is over, it’s time to air up the tires and get the bike out for a ride. I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day holiday. Please make the most of it, get out if you can and enjoy life. It’s far too precious to let it slip away.

Live healthy, be happy!


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