Sunday Run-day

Happy Sunday Funday everyone! I started this Sunday out with a nice 10 mile run with my friend Stephanie. I love running with her because we chat about life, training, events, and whatever else pops up as we run. I’m always amazed on how fast the time flies. She is just a great person and such a positive supportive influence to be around.

One of the things that we do talk about while running is training. She has a wealth of knowledge on fitness, since she has been at this lifestyle longer than I have, and has a lot more resources available to her. Today, we discussed sprint training and incorporating it into the medium runs to help build strength and endurance. We agreed that after 9 miles, we would sprint for 20 seconds and jog for 40 seconds. We would repeat the process 10 times.

So after 9 miles we took off. Man, 20 seconds felt like forever! My legs did not want to cooperate
And Stephanie left me in the dust. The 40 seconds went by quick, because by the time I was close to recovering it was sprint time again! But towards the end I was able to keep up and didn’t feel so tired we finished mile ten.

I am so grateful for all the positive friends that I have in my life now. Helpful, fun, like minded, encouraging, and supportive, these friends are my ‘support group.’ They are always there cheering me on and helping me to reach my goals. I could never thank them enough!

Have a great Sunday!

Live healthy, be happy!


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