ARL Dog Jog

After a beautiful morning and a ten mile run, I got some errands done and then got ready for the Animal Rescue League’s 1st annual Dog Jog. It was a nice afternoon for a second run, and for a good cause.

Being a 1st time event, there are always bumps in the road. This one suffered from the lack of signage to keep runners on the right track. At one point, I ran back to the couple behind me to see if they knew where to go. They laughed and said “We’re following you”. So we decided to blaze our own trail and hope for the best.

We ended up chatting and laughing as we wound our way through downtown. When we were coming on to the finish, we noticed that we were coming in from the wrong way! Somehow we got turned around and ran a little further than we needed to. The neat thing was as we crossed the line, we did it together at the same time. We finished our adventure as a team! As we were talking to the race director (who was interested in how we got turned around and asked for tips to make next year better) we found out we were the first to finish! The three of us won the inaugural Dog Jog.

So to sum up the evening, I ran the 5k in 26:38 after running 10 miles in the morning, made two new friends, and won the first ever Dog Jog along with my fellow adventurers. A great evening all around. I will definitely do the event next year!

Live healthy, be happy!


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