The Work Time Workout

I tried something different today. My friend Stacie asked if I wanted to for a run at lunchtime. So I packed my bag and instead of sitting around at lunch, I changed and hit the road for a four mile run. It was a beautiful day and Stacie is a great running partner, as well as a friend. We ran from our building to Gray’s Lake, down to the silos and then headed back toward downtown. It was a quick four miles, or so it seemed to me. A great run and a great time with a great friend.

While I enjoyed the break away from work, I also noticed something when I got back to work. After a quick shower and changing back into work clothes, I went to my office. But it felt different; it felt like It did when I first got to work early that morning. I was focused, relaxed, able to think clearer, and I felt better. It was a good feeling and I think I’ll try running again tomorrow and see if it feels the same.

This may turn in to a normal routine if it continues. I like the refreshed feeling I had after the run. I liked getting away from work, even though I had my phone and was close. I also like the fact that I had my workout done before I got home. Since I’m supposed to be tapering, a quick four mile run is a great midday workout. When the marathon is done, I’ll probably have to split between short midday runs and longer evening runs.

Live healthy, be happy.


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