Weekday Runs and the Red Kettle 5k

I know I’ve said before how much I enjoy going on a lunch break run, but I’m trying to incorporate it into my daily routine even more so now. I enjoy getting away for a bit, looking at the lake and the fall colors while I run. It helps me to feel refreshed and renewed, and ready to tackle the rest of the day. But now it offers even more, as I can run during the lunch hour, and then hit the gym in the evening for swimming and spinning. Hopefully, if the swimming improves, I can add a whole new list of events to next years calendar. I’ll let you know how it goes.

The Red Kettle Run 5k was Saturday, and I met up with my friend and mentor Stephanie and my buddy Larry for the event. I also ran into quite a few friends there; Coach Loran, Erin, Andy and a few others that were running to support the Salvation Army as they kick off their red kettle Christmas fundraising.

The event was at Raccoon River Park, and the trail around the lake is 5k in length. The fall colors were magnificent and the path was beautiful as the gold and red leaves were falling to partially cover the trail.

I finished ok, 26:15, but wondered if I had pushed myself too hard the day before. I did 5.7 miles on my lunch break, and followed up with a 45 min spin class that evening. Maybe I should have rested a bit, but it was for fun and the time really didn’t matter.

I did talk to Coach Loran for a bit. He’s the one who runs the iCan Marathon group and trains a group of people for their first full or half marathon. He asked how I was feeling. I told him that I ran the Komen 5k the week after the marathon and, although I finished ok, my legs felt tired and sore. He explained to me that when you run a marathon, it can take up to three weeks to recover. He reminded me of what I put my legs and body through, and that it needs time to heal. He was glad I was out running, but to give my body time to recover.

I was glad we were able to talk and that Coach Loran told me that. Now I know why it seems a little harder running lately. It’s getting better, but it’ll take time.

Today (Sunday) my friend and running partner Kara and I went for a 8 mile run. We kept a conversational pace and averaged a little over 10 mins per mile. But we chatted as we ran, looked at the fall colors and before you knew it, the 8 miles was done! A beautiful way to end the weekend!

Live healthy, be happy.


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