Live Healthy Challenge

Just a quick update. I’m still doing well on the 100 day challenge; haven’t missed a Monday, haven’t went more than three days without running, and I have run 4+ days a week! Closing in on the halfway point.

My work started a Live Healthy Challenge where you earn health savings account dollars by getting a physical (easy), completing a health assessment (even easier), and joining a team and logging an average of two hours of working out a week for ten weeks. So many people are complaining about the 2 hour workouts. I tried to explain that it doesn’t have to be exactly 2 hours each week; three one week and one the next is fine. It has to average two hours a week. A week and a half into the program someone asked me, “So how are you doing with the workouts?” I said, “I’m done.” The person asked, “You mean with this week, right?” I said, “No, with the whole program.” I had 20.5 hours at that time. I do a lot of walking at work, and work out at least once a day. I’ll continue the ten weeks for my team, but it’s a great feeling that while everybody else was complaining, I was asking “Where is the challenge?”

My friends and I are ramping up our indoor running in preparation for spring. We ran a 10k on the track today, and really could have went further. We should be good to go when the half marathons start coming up.

Live healthy, be happy.


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