Prep for the Hy Vee Half and the Mayor’s Bike Ride

Friday afternoon was upon us, and what better way to start the weekend then by going on a long run with one of my best friends! Kara and I met almost a year ago (at the Boston Memorial 10k) and I look to her as a mentor, a counselor, sometimes co-conspirator, but most of all an awesome friend.

So Kara and I decided to run the route for the upcoming Hy Vee half marathon as close as we could, so that we would have a better feel for the course, and to get a nice long run in. It’s so much fun when Kara and Stephanie and I (or any combination of the three) run together. The topics vary greatly, but the love and the bond the three of us share is always felt. Unfortunately, Stephanie is away on business, so Kara and I forged our trail alone.

We started at Drake University, worked through downtown, around the capital, around the ballpark, the lake, and then back to the university. It was an amazing run, and the time flew by. Kara at one point asked “Why do we think this is fun again?” I replied, “Don’t worry, in thirty minutes after we finish, you’ll be telling stories about it.” And we did, as we went to dinner and my wife patiently listened as we recalled our funniest moments. It was a great run, and I think we are ready for the half marathon (we got 12 miles in).

Saturday morning was the Mayor’s Annual Ride & Run (M.A.R.R.). My wife and I decided to ride in this fun ride so we could learn to ride in a large group of people (there were several hundred riders, but I don’t have the exact count). My wife suggested that we ride to the event, instead of drive, and afterwards ride home. That changed the distance from 25 to 40 miles, and after running 12 miles the previous evening, I didn’t know how my legs would hold up. But I’m always up for a challenge and agreed to do it!

I was surprised that not only did I hold up well, I actually felt better after we were finished. I know we didn’t go all out (12.8 average m.p.h) but it’s still a decent ride on tired legs. But I’m glad we did ride, as we learned a lot and we got to see a lot of beautiful areas in Des Moines. We will be looking forward to this event again next year.

Happy Easter to everyone! Tomorrow is a rest day (with the exception of yard work), and then Monday I run 5 miles for the Boston Marathon Worldwide Run. It’s a memorial event where you pledge to run so many miles on Patriots Day. I hope you can join along as well.

Live healthy, be happy!


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