Taper Week and Tackling the Swimming Pool

I have mentioned before that I am not fond of taper weeks. I’m used to pushing myself harder and harder, and then suddenly this week of almost nothing shows up. I know that the body needs time to rest, to heal, and to recover, but I guess only doing short runs and such makes me feel lazy and I worry that I will lose all the definition, along with the stamina and ability that I’ve gained, from an easy week of exercise. I know that it’s just fear of returning to my former ways, and that I won’t let that happen. Nor will my wonderful group of friends and especially my training partners who would most definitely hold me accountable. But it is a fear I have.

So, this week was a taper week, and it could not have come at a better time. I caught a cold early this week, and was struggling to make it through work, let alone trying to work out. So I let the body rest and recover, and by Friday I was good to go. So much so that Saturday’s one hour easy run was just that: easy!

I did accomplish something during this week. I hit the swimming pool, and tried to stop worrying about breathing and just swim. My friend and training partner Kara was there encouraging me all the way, and I got a total distance of 1050 yards in! Two of those sets were 250 yards each! The rest, with the exception of a 50 yard warm up, was 100 yard sets.

As happy as I was with my workout, I was more impressed with Kara’s. She swam a mile for the first time, and she made it look easy. I think she would have swam all day if she could! I can’t describe what a wonderful friend, mentor, workout partner, and person Kara is. She swims a mile for the first time, but makes a big deal out of my accomplishment. What an awesome lady.

This week we crank up the miles, and the long runs hit the 16-20 mile range. We have already hit 18 miles, and I bet Kara will shoot for 20 this Saturday. Then that evening, we have a very hilly 5k that I talked Kara into running with me. She may try to drown me the next time we are in the pool. But as I have said before, this is where memories are made.

Live healthy, be happy!


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