New Year, New Runs.

Happy New Years to one and all. We started off the new year by running in a new event for me. The Capital Striders Running Club hosted a Mitten Run supporting the Boys and Girls Club in Des Moines, Iowa. We brought several pairs of new gloves, mittens, and hats for the Boys and Girls Club to distribute to needy children in the area. After running your choice of a 3-4-5 or 6 mile routes, the Striders had a potluck planned and even had chili and vegetarian chili for the runners. The Capital Striders, which is a great running group on its own, is also known for their charity events and fun runs. This would be no exception.

We arrived at Lions Park, dropped off our donations, and picked up a map of the 4 mile route. It was a chilly morning, around 20 degrees at the start with a breeze, so it was good that we bundled up in layers. Our group leader assured us that he would get us lost, and actually kept his word as I think he misread the map! But with the help of another runner, we got it figured out and had a nice run.

We got back to the park shelter, chatted and stretched, and decided to go for breakfast instead of having chili. I think it was a great event, and I look forward to more events held by the Capital Striders.



Saturday will mark the 5th week for the Winter Warriors Run at Fleet Feet Sports in the East Village. It’s amazing that we are half-way through the nine coldest weeks of winter, and we are still running outside. Special thanks to Andy Roat and his team for hosting such great events and bringing runners together.

One last note: I ran on New Years Eve on my lunch break, and the temperature was 12 degrees with a wind chill of -2 degrees. But with layering my clothes, I felt really good. It’s amazing what you can do when you prepare and try.


Live healthy, be happy!


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