A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Pool

A funny thing happened on the way … We’ve all heard that line before, stating something unusual just after the beginning of that sentence. Well for me, that is what happened to me today as I headed to the pool to swim laps and do some spinning.

I have been really worried about triathlon training, because … well my swimming sucks. Blame it on asthma, or some unknown fear, but I have been struggling as of late in the water, and I can feel the tension mounting. My running and biking skills are fine (everything can be improved upon), but it’s the swimming that gets me. It’s my weakest link, my achilles heel if you will and I have been pushing so hard to get better without success. My friends keep saying it will come with time, but I feel caught in a rut, and I’m frustrated.

Until today. On the way to the gym, I said a little prayer asking for a peaceful swim. Not an amazing swim or one where records are shattered, but just a nice peaceful swim. Boy did I get that prayer answered! I started off by swimming 150 yards freestyle, and it felt pretty easy. I then then swam an easy 150 yards with a float between my legs. I was already at 300 yards! I usually max out at 400 yards! I then did 100 yards with fins on, and then freestyle for another 100. I then rotated from freestyle, float, and fins for another 500 yards, and totaled out at 1000 yards! I then got a kick board and kicked another 4×50 yards for an additional 200 yards.

The amazing thing in this whole process is that I was never nervous, never panicked, and just kept going. It felt great to enjoy the swim and to get some decent (for me) yardage in without the worry or fear. I can’t say it will always be like today, but I sure hope so!

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

Live healthy, be happy!


4 thoughts on “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Pool

  1. It’s never that ‘easy’ every day but take it when you can get it. Swimming is probably my favorite after I got over people trying to drown me. 😊

    • Thanks Suzan! I have to cross the “other swimmers” bridge soon, but at least my first couple of events this year are in a pool. Hopefully by then my friends will indoctranate me on the art of open water swimming and not letting others drown me. 😊

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