The Leprechaun 10k and Bike Riding in Iowa

Saturday morning was the date for the Leprechaun 10k, which for me has become an annual event.  The 10k race allows the ladies (lasses) a 5:30 minute head start.  Then, the men (lads) chase after the lasses.  The first gender across the finish line wins not only a free beer for themselves, but also for their gender.  People generally use this run as their first run of the season, and gets people who have hibernated long enough back out on the streets and into their running shoes.

It was also my wife Julie’s first 10k race.  She was a bit nervous about whether she could do it or not, but I assured her that she indeed could run that distance and I was sure she would!  It was pretty chilly that morning, but the race didn’t start until 10am.  It was hard to decide how much to wear, or whether to brave it and wear shorts and a t-shirt.  Finally, we decided to bundle up and not freeze during the run.

We met up with some of our running friends that meet at Fleet Feet Sports when we arrived, and we all tried to stay warm waiting for the start.  Before long, the gun sounded, and the lasses were off!  It didn’t seem like a long wait before the lads were off and running as well.  It felt good to get moving, and before long I was catching up to the lasses.  There was a lot of people in front of me, but I was doing pretty well.  In one section of the race, we had to run down a side street and then back again.  It really gives you a chance to not only see how many are in front of you, but you also get to look for people.  I spotted Julie on that street, and she looked like she was doing well.  So well in fact, I wasn’t sure if I would catch her.

I finally caught her on mile three, just as we entered Gray’s Lake.  julie was doing ok, but getting a little hot as it quickly started to warm up.  We ran together until we reached the lake restrooms, where she turned off to shed a little clothing.  I continued on, and finished in 54:33.  While not my fastest time, it wasn’t bad and I got to run with Julie for a bit.

I was also able to get set up and catch this moment:

Julie crossing the finish of her first 10k!  She averaged a little over 11 minute miles, and was pretty consistant throughout the race.  She is really doing amazingly well in such a short time.

Sunday we met up with friends in Slater Iowa and rode our bikes to the High Trestle Trail.  The wind was brutal that day, and we fought a head and cross wind all the way to the bridge.  It was a fun time, and we got quite a workout, and this time there were no crashes.  It felt like the wind was going to blow us off the road, but we stayed upright the whole time.

Soon, all this area will be lush and green.  It’s great that we can get out so early in the season, and are able to watch the spring season come alive!

It’s going to be a great season!

Live healthy, be happy!


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