When Memories are Made

This sunday, part of the iCan Running Group got together to go on a 70 minute training run. As I pulled into the meeting area, it started to drizzle, and as we stretched it started to rain. We had our training discussion and took off away; no rain was going to deter us from our morning run!

My dear friends Stephanie and Kara joined me, and it was like old times, laughing and joking along the way. The weather started getting worse, but thankfully there was no lightning, so we kept running. Stephanie laughingly mentioned that she was soaked, to which I replied “This is when memories are made.”

That statement got me thinking; that really is when memories are made. I had some sunny runs this week, but I don’t really remember them. But being with close friends, getting soaked, those runs I’ll remember. It seems that friendship or adverse weather strikes a chord that makes you remember the event. When you add the two together, the memory can last a lifetime.

Don’t get me wrong; Kara, Stephanie, and I have had many wonderful runs where the weather was perfect, and wonderful memories were made. But it seems that the worse the conditions are, and the more we laugh and smile our way through them, the better the memory.

I guess it just shows that we love our lifestyle, and each other. We support and encourage each other, and it’s great to feel and share that love. I didn’t have to run today as it was supposed to be a rest day. But I knew that I hadn’t ran with Stephanie and Kara since the Market to Market Relay, so I was not going to let a “rest day” or rainy weather stop me.

So think about it: what are your happy memories from? Are they from acquiring things, or being with people you love? Are they from times when you pushed yourself whether it be a mental or physical challenge, or where you ran in the pouring rain, like we did?

I hope you all build happy memories as you transform your lives.

Live healthy, be happy!



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