Marathon Weekend

It’s finally here! Race weekend has arrived. I just returned from the packet pickup where numerous vendors were selling everything from medal hangers to shoes to clothing to chews. There was some serious bling to collect, and my bag was pretty full by the time I left. Now it’s time to rest and get ready, as the Des Moines IMT Marathon is Sunday.

My hip is still bugging me, but not to the point where I would even consider dropping out. I have been taking it easy, taking Motrin, and even had a cold laser treatment on it. I will probably run an easy three tomorrow and then it’ll be go time!

I will post on the race as soon as I can. I am so excited for my running partner Kara, as it’s her 1st full marathon. She is going to be awesome! The members of the iCan Running Group will be running as well and showing how awesome they are! I hope I can watch each and every one of them cross that finish line and forever be known as a marathoner.

This is marathon #2 for me. Wish us all well and send positive thoughts to us to help us power across that finish line!

Live healthy, be happy!


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