Winter Warriors, Ugly Sweaters, and Closing in on 1000

It’s been a busy few weeks, with holiday events, and end of year at work. The time flies, and sometimes with all the holiday goodies popping up everywhere, good nutritional choices fly out the window as well. But so far I’ve managed to maintain my weight and still enjoy sampling some of the goodies that are around me. I used to love sweets, and I still do, but now when I overindulge I feel bloated and sluggish. So I try to be careful.

I have joined a “Winter Warriors” program hosted by Fleet Feet Sports. It’s a 9 week program where we meet to run outside every Saturday no matter the temperature. You get points for coming each week and, bonus points depending on the temperature. At the end of nine weeks, the points convert into entries for prizes, including a complete Mizuno winter outfit!

I also entered my first “Ugly Sweater Run”. It was a 5k event, and I never realized the horrible sweaters that are out there. There is even a “Ugly Sweater” kit at Target for $5.00! I tried the kit, but by the time I crossed the finish line, most of the items had fallen off! I guess it wasn’t designed for runners.

I am oh so close to my 1000 miles for the year goal. As of today, I have 20 miles to go. I’m going to try and run outside today, and with the wind and 30 degree temps, it should be a challenge. That’s ok, I like challenges.

In case I don’t get to post before the holidays, Merry Christmas, happiest of holidays, and a joyful new year to one and all.

Live healthy, be happy!





Hot Chocolate 5k

The Hot Chocolate 5k was Sunday, and while it would have been a normal race with the exception for the chilly temperatures and the wind, there was something remarkable about this particular event. It was the first 5k race for my wife Julie! She has been training, and while running is somewhat hard on her due to back pain, she has pushed on and been running three miles with me in our neighborhood.

A couple of weeks before the 5k, my friend Stephanie texted me and asked if I wanted to do the event with her. I jumped at the chance, as Stephanie and I have logged in many miles together and I consider her a mentor as well as a dear friend. I failed to mention to Stephanie that my wife was running, and after our conversation I asked Julie if she wanted to run with us. I was excited when she said “yes”. We decided to surprise Stephanie and kept Julie’s running a well guarded secret until we were to meet up with Stephanie on race day.

We agreed on a meeting spot before the race, and when we arrived I asked Julie to hang back a little in hopes that Stephanie would not see her right away. That didn’t work, as Stephanie spotted her right away. Then she noticed Julie was wearing a bib number! The surprise on Stephanie’s face was priceless. She hugged us both and after chatting for a bit with Stephanie’s husband Paul, and our friend Justin who was running the 5 mile event, we lined up and got ready to run.

The race went well, and Julie stayed consistent throughout the run, finishing with a time of 38:50! She stopped only to sneeze because of the cold, and to grab a water, and pressed on. To say I am proud of her is an understatement. It took a lot of courage to train with a bad back, yet she did and she succeeded! I hope that she joins me in other runs in the future.

Julie and I crossing the finish line together at her first 5k.


Stephanie, Julie, and I at the Hot Chocolate 5k.

Thank you Paul for making us all breakfast after the run! What a great Sunday!

Live healthy, be happy!


Marathon Weekend

It’s finally here! Race weekend has arrived. I just returned from the packet pickup where numerous vendors were selling everything from medal hangers to shoes to clothing to chews. There was some serious bling to collect, and my bag was pretty full by the time I left. Now it’s time to rest and get ready, as the Des Moines IMT Marathon is Sunday.

My hip is still bugging me, but not to the point where I would even consider dropping out. I have been taking it easy, taking Motrin, and even had a cold laser treatment on it. I will probably run an easy three tomorrow and then it’ll be go time!

I will post on the race as soon as I can. I am so excited for my running partner Kara, as it’s her 1st full marathon. She is going to be awesome! The members of the iCan Running Group will be running as well and showing how awesome they are! I hope I can watch each and every one of them cross that finish line and forever be known as a marathoner.

This is marathon #2 for me. Wish us all well and send positive thoughts to us to help us power across that finish line!

Live healthy, be happy!