Exciting News!


It’s time for a long overdue update. I finished my second Des Moines Olympic distance Triathlon recently, and set a PR (personal record) by cutting 37 minutes off last years time! That’s huge for me! Granted, it was a bit cooler than last years event, but I really give credit to my coach Jennifer (Jenni) Keil and the E11even Athletics team. Jenni trained me for my Ironman 70.3 in June, and during that training I saw what I needed to change to be successful in the Olympic distance. I learned to hydrate and refuel, even if I didn’t feel like it, and it paid off big at the Des Moines Tri. No sick, weak feeling, no hitting the wall, just a strong swim, bike and run! It was awesome!

So, now for the news! My coach and I had been discussing starting a group to train beginner triathletes in the sport, and to help them prepare for the sprint or Olympic distance triathlons. Jenni was also talking to my friend and fellow teammate Chris Matthews about this, and Chris and I were both excited to discuss it and wanted to be a part of it. Well, that time is now! E11even Athletics has started a beginner triathlete program called “Earn Your Stripes” (see image above), and it will take beginner athletes and guide them through the three disciplines as well as core/strength training to prepare them for their first triathlon. Coach Jenni has asked Chris and I to head up the program as the coaches! This is quite an honor, and I am happy and excited to assist taking E11even Athletics to the next level, and to help beginners find the same love for the sport of triathlon as I have! Many of you know that I currently coach runners training for their first half marathon, so to move up to training others for the swim and bike portions, as well as the run portion of a triathlon is exciting, and of course it makes me a little nervous. I want to do the best for the people who put their trust in me, and I want to be sure that, while triathlon training is tough and at times demanding, the athletes also have fun. You have to enjoy what you’re doing, or you won’t do it, simple as that.

My fitness journey has been an amazing adventure. From barely running a quarter mile on the treadmill to completing a Ironman70.3; from not knowing anything about the sport to helping others navigate their way through it. To make the news even better, I am currently studying to become a certified triathlon coach through Ironman University. I hope to complete this training soon, and put the knowledge I learned to work helping others.

So, if you are thinking “I’d like to do a triathlon”, look no further. Go to http://www.elevenathletics.com. Ask questions, sign up, and join us. You’ll be off to your own amazing adventure too! You will love the team at E11even Athletics, and you’ll be amazed at what your body can do!


Live healthy, be happy!