Triathlon Training, Mentoring, and More Running News

It’s been a while since I last posted, and there has been a lot going on as of late. This past Saturday, I raced in the annual Red Flannel Run, which benefits the YMCA. It was cold and the wind was brutal, but I managed to finish third in my age group. I was pretty happy with that! The winds were gusting up to 35 mph, so it was not an easy run by any stretch of the imagination.

I have also joined a group that helps you train for a sprint triathlon in 12 weeks. We meet every Wednesday, and usually do a bike/swim brick. Tonight we did all three! I find that having coaches there, watching your performance and giving you suggestions and tips is worth every penny, especially in the swimming portion. That was the reason I signed up in the first place, and it has been invaluable! Not only that, but we get to work out with a great group of people, and have made some nice friends along the way. I am hoping Vicky will be nice and help me with my swim technique, or at least distract the coach while I swim!

I decided yesterday to run indoors on the track at lunch. My knees were sore, and I didn’t bring the right gear to run outside, so to the YMCA I went. I don’t know what got into me, but I ran the first mile in 6:47:99!! I broke the 7 minute mile for the first time! I couldn’t believe it! The second mile was back to reality at 8:48:00, and the third was 8:30:00, but I was still in shock over that first mile.

I was asked by Andy Roat, the owner of Fleet Feet Sports in Des Moines, if I would be a mentor in a upcoming program called No Boundaries, which helps people prepare for their first 5k run. I was honored to be asked, and I am looking forward to helping others learn the joy of running! It seems as if the circle is now complete; once others helped me along my way (and still do, I have a lot to learn), and now I get to help others. I am hoping to mentor the marathon group again this year, but I am waiting to hear more about this years program on the marathon training. If you are in the Des Moines area, stop by Fleet Feet in the East Village. They are the nicest and most helpful people on the planet. They love running, the community, and helping people in general.

I also heard that I will have the chance to meet someone that I have admired, from our connection in the “From Fat to Finish Line” FaceBook page, and also her blog “Confessions of a [Former] Fat Girl”. Celeste E. and her husband will be in Des Moines for a few days as she becomes a certified running instructor. How cool is that? I believe she is also becoming certified to do group instruction, such as spin, Zumba, etc. I really admire her determination and how she just loves to run! They are planning to run the Drake Relays 10k run that Sunday, and wouldn’t you know it, I will be there running a half marathon! I can’t wait to meet them both, and to hear Celeste’s lifestyle change firsthand. It is stories such as hers that makes me continue to push harder, to try and do more. I know that I have a long way to go, but I see progress at every turn.

So, it has been a great few weeks! I also have a Live Healthy America Challenge going on at work, where to try to work out 2 hours a week for ten weeks. The goal is to have 20+ hours of exercise total at the end of ten weeks. Right now, into week four, I am averaging 16-17 hours a week! That’s quite a change for me, as I used to do nothing. But, when you decide to make a lifestyle change and commit to it, things change for the better.

Live healthy, be happy!


6 thoughts on “Triathlon Training, Mentoring, and More Running News

  1. Ahhhh, thanks, Travis! I can’t wait to meet you and your wife and cheer you on at the half-marathon! It’s going to be a great time in Iowa! Thanks, again! And p.s., how cool that you get to be a mentor! Hats off to you, buddy!

  2. GO! Run Guardian. GO! I think it is awesome that you are finally working officially as a mentor, since you have been doing it unofficially for quite some time. I think you will find it immensely rewarding and I look forward to hearing about this transition. (don’t forget to share your blog with them!) 🙂

  3. Congratulations on your under 7 minutes mile! That’s quite an accomplishment. I love hearing your updates on FFTFL and am very inspired by this blog. Sounds like you are doing so many positive things. Keep shining your beam of light for those of us still working with flickering flames. ❤️thanks!

    • Thank you Susan. It’s nice to hear that you enjoy reading the blog, as that’s what it’s intent is, to inspire others. We all have to start somewhere, every pro was once a beginner. Keep that flame fueled, and great things will happen!

  4. Travis thanks for the shout out in your blog! julie and I may be able to pull off a few distractions – if we can get it to work to our benefit. 🙂 reading back thru some earlier posts u made, I feel quite lucky to have met the two of you on my “opening” night. Quite honestly, you guys are the reason I came back for my 2nd week of training. Congrats on being officially recognized as a mentor! My take…. you naturally mentor – I picked up on that early. Thnx for caring about others. You & Julie are a source of inspiration!

    • Vicky,

      Thank you so much for posting that! You made my day! I know how hard it is to start a lifestyle change, much less keeping at it. I still struggle at times, even after a few years. I love helping others, and enjoy watching someone discover that they can, in fact, do amazing things!

      Thank you for working out with me and becoming a friend. You also make it easy to look forward to a hard workout every Wednesday 🙂 We should get together sometime during the week or weekend and get a workout in. Just let me know.

      By the way, you are doing great in training! You inspire me to push myself harder, so please stay with us!

      Have a great weekend!

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