Fall Running and Races

Good morning and happy weekend! My weekend got off to a wonderful start as our running group met at 7am to get a 10 mile run in. My good friend Stephanie and I ran together, and what a beautiful morning for a run. The sun was peeking through the trees, there was a slight mist in the air, and if you looked close, you could see your breath. The trail was clear, which was amazing after the storms we have had recently. A big thank you to the Parks and Recreation Dept. for getting the trails open so quickly!

So we took off and before you knew it, we were at the turnaround point! Then it was time to head for home, after we got a few stretching tips first! That’s what I really like about the ICan Running Group; they work with you and each other to help each other be successful. Whether it’s healthy eating, stretching, training, supplements, or just encouragement, someone in the club has tips or advice or has been down the road you are currently on. Those things are priceless, no matter your experience level.

My foam roller stretches are complete, so its time to eat a little and relax before the Dog Jog this afternoon. The Animal Rescue League is holding a 5k event downtown to raise money and awareness for homeless animals. Since both my dogs are rescue dogs, it only seemed right to run in this one. I even belong to their running club! It’s a timed event, but since I got 10 in this morning, I am not too concerned about the time. I just want to be there.

Sunday is another running day: the Flapjack 10k is in the morning, and I will run with my friend Kara. She needs to get 9 miles in for her half marathon training, so we plan on running the 10k, crossing the finish line, turn around and run another 5k. That should confuse everyone! 🙂 Then we get free pancakes and the chance to gain back all the calories we lost!

That’s it for now. Have a great weekend and get out and enjoy life.

Live healthy, be happy!