The 20 Mile Run

Today I mapped out a twenty mile route to run. The marathon is a little over a month away, and I would like to get at least two 20 milers in before the big day. But after last weeks miserable 15 miler, part of which I walked, I was worried about not finishing this run as well.

The weather was with me today; nice and cool and low humidity. It was much nicer than is was a week ago when I felt drained and worn out. I started out before the sun rise, and the quiet streets allowed me to focus on my running, my gait, and my breathing.

Before too long, I was at the 13 mile marker. It was hard to believe what a difference a little weather was making. Although my body started to tire and get sore, I was able to continue and finish the run. It felt great to see my Garmin click over to the 20 mile mark! I needed a run like this, after such a defeating week of running in the heat.

Some people have been asking about hydration during a run, asking why they are getting chills after a run. I always run with water, and although each person is different, I start drinking water at about three miles. You have to keep the body hydrated, or you run the risk of not only dehydration, but heat exhaustion and other ailments.

Anther question was about fueling (eating) during a run. Typically the body has enough carbs to make a 13 mile run. Anything other than that, and you need something to refuel the body. I use Honey Stinger chews, and I usually eat about half a pack (5) every 3-4 miles after I get 10+ miles in. Today I didn’t need to refuel until mile 13, but you need to listen to your body and not wait until the body is completely drained before refueling.

Someone told me to take an old photo and post it next to a current photo so I could see the difference all this exercise was making. I always see the flaws, but even I have to admit I was surprised with the results so far:



Live healthy, be happy!